Your truck might have been a loyal sidekick. It might have pulled you out from difficult situations a few times. If you’re getting a new truck, you might be asking yourself, “what’s the use of the previous truck?” because it wouldn’t be used and more likely stay in your garage. To make sure you can do justice to your truck, donate it to a veteran’s charity and give them something that’ll be even more valuable than money.

Truck owners are special. Different truck owners have different reasons for owning a truck and their reasons set them apart from other drivers. But once there is no use of the truck, instead of letting it rot in the garage, donate a truck and make a veteran ecstatic.


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At Salute Veterans,, we understand that parting ways with your truck can be emotional. We’ll make sure your truck donations are as easy as possible. Whether you drive a Pick up truck, semi-truck, a commercial truck, or a fire truck, we’ll get the job done for you. If you’ve found us, we’ll make sure that we do justice to your trucks and use them to bring value to veterans. Donate a truck by getting in touch with us and we’ll let you know the procedure.

Donate a Truck to Charity And Support Veterans.

How to Donate a Truck?

It’s a Simple Process to Donate a Truck.

Fill Out a Simple Form or Call
Hassle-free service using our online form.
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We will call to set up a convenient pickup time and place.
Get a Receipt for Taxes
We will provide you with a tax receipt.

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